The Gaza Must be Crazy

Jeffrey Goldberg over at the Atlantic seeks to answer the question “Why I’m Not Blogging More About Gaza.” He summarizes what many of us think, namely that Israel makes many mistakes, these mistakes should be addressed and condemned, but let’s remember that Israel’s enemies adhere to, “an interpretation of Islam that disallows the idea of Jewish national equality.” Goldberg, like many of us, feels paralyzed by this whole situation, and, as he says:

My paralysis isn’t an analytical paralysis. It’s the paralysis that comes from thinking that maybe there’s no way out. Not out of Gaza, out of the whole thing.

Personally, I’ve always thought a naked mud wrestling match in downtown Jerusalem, in a big glass cage, between the religious leaders of all involved parties would really go along way to helping everyone – the whole world – realize this whole situation is utterly and terribly absurd (I know what God wants, you don’t…so there….plwwwhhhh), and so many people are dying…


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