Burris: Civil Rights Activist

The Latest on Blagojevich appointee Burris is that he showed up to work and was denied his seat. Democrats ought to tread cautiously here. The law of Illinois clearly states the Governor gets to appoint Obama’s senate replacement. Blagojevich, the Governor, appointed the replacement. (That Blagojevich appointed a man who would be the only African-American in the senate, that this man is known to believe his actions are sanctioned by God, and that this man is an accomplished actor in the theater of politics, all this suggests a kind of delicious sense of cunning and mischief on the part of Blagojevich.) Now this replacement, Burris, lawfully appointed, is being denied entrance into the (white, largely male) senate. By showing up knowing he’ll be denied, the God talk, the whole thing has strong overtones of the civil rights movement. That Burris will not listen to these white people and sit down (and, who knows, maybe Burris is right to put on this show?) damages this unity meme the Democrats are peddling these days.


Tread cautiously, fellow Democrats, tread cautiously.


2 Responses to “Burris: Civil Rights Activist”

  1. Roderick Says:

    I am mystified by the fact that the Democrats in Illinois did not act to forestall the current sad farce. The governor’s ordinary power is that of calling a special election. His power to make a temporary appointment is an extraordinary one, granted to him by the legislature according to a provision of the seventeenth amendment. Surely what the legislature has the power to permit, it also has the power to forbid. Unless I am mistaken, the Democrats control both houses in Illinois. Why did they not revoke the governor’s appointing power and call a special election? Why do they not reconvene and do that now?

    As for Mr Burris’s remarkable claim of divine election: coming as I do from a country which fought a Civil War between Royalists and Parliamentarians in part to dispute the Divine Right of Kings, I am startled to find this idea repeatedly reappearing in this ostensibly secular republic. I should have thought that any public invocation of such an idea would be enough to render any candidate for office deeply suspect. (Though I realize, of course, that in practice this is not the case.)

  2. I’ve Got a Burris Stuck to my Pants « Geranium Kisses Says:

    […] suggested yesterday, when it seems no law is broken, denying the seat seems touchy. Rod Thompson points out that the Democrats should have forseen this “problem” and done something to nullify any […]

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