I’ve Got a Burris Stuck to my Pants

The New York Times reports Roland Burris will likely get his seat, provided he meets several conditions: get a signature from the IL secretary of state, and persuade a state legislative committee considering the Blagojevich impeachment that there was nothing sketchy about the selection.

As suggested yesterday, when it seems no law is broken, denying the seat seems touchy. Rod Thompson points out that the Democrats should have forseen this “problem” and done something to nullify any Blagojevich appointment. Thing is, Rod, we’re talking about Democrats. Foresight? Organization? Speaking in one voice? You’ve got the wrong party, my friend.

My beef with Burris, and this by no means applies to exclusively to Burris, is that anybody who claims to understand the will of God, let alone to being an instrument of the will of God, should automatically be disqualified from everything.


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