Re Bloggers & Gaza

An email came yesterday:

What worries me about blogs is that it encourages position-taking and argumentation over uncertainty, which I think is playing out in bloggers inability to have a clear take on the Gaza situation and their uncomfortableness with it. 

My response: I think the lack of clear position is because the whole thing feels impossibly complicated and anybody who takes a clear position seems to be utterly one-sided and suspiciously partisan. How can one be intellectual honest, even rational, even pretend rational, and say that one side is in the right on this one? Both are wrong. Both right. Both have valid opinions. Both over-reach. Both are “terrorists” and etc etc etc. Personally, the “fun” lies in trying to eck out a position that finds a gallows humor in recognizing the hopelessness of it all, without actually being mean and hurtful.



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