Full of Sound and Fury

Here in San Francisco, some folks skipped the farmer’s market this morning to go to City Hall and represent Israel or Palestine, depending. In an exchange that epitomizes everything, at one point the Palestine side was chanting, “FREE FREE PALESTINE” while the Israel side was chanting “NO MORE PALESTINE.” Good luck with that, you two.

But here’s what interests me. This photograph of the side cheerleading for Israel, look closely. See the rainbow flag?


Were they looking for the national DOMA protests, and figured all those very serious people with intensely dark-looking flags were representing the Yes on 8 side?


 Maybe Israel took a break from bombing Gaza to take a position on gay marriage?

To paraphrase LCD Soundsystem: San Francisco, I love you, but you’re freaking me out


2 Responses to “Full of Sound and Fury”

  1. Ben Spear Says:

    There were also both protests in Boston yesterday, one for Gaza in Copley and one against DoMA at City Hall. The poor cops were visibly freaked out, especially because the DoMA protest marched all through downtown, which, in a city like Boston, is a traffic nightmare.

  2. Full of Sound and Fury, Cont’d « Geranium Kisses Says:

    […] of Sound and Fury, Cont’d By gypsyrob Ben in Boston, commenting on the Gaza vs Israel match-up in San Francisco over the weekend, writes: There were also both protests in Boston yesterday, one […]

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