Conservatives Freaking Out About (insert outrage here)

Via Salon, news that Conservatives are freaking out about Carol Browner, Obama’s “climate czar,” who has “socialist ties.” Which is strange, because usually they are so positive and supportive of Obama’s nominees. One supposes if Browner had been part of the Ronald Reagan Center to Stop Global Warming, or any similar such organization, then these guys wouldn’t be so bent out of shape. Of course, the liklihood of such an organization is about as likely as discovering the Melissa Etheridge Center to Save Traditional Families.

Look, as Obama might say, this organization also includes members like Hilary Benn, the UK’s secretary of state for the Environment, former Polish President Aleksandr Kwasniewski (“don’t forget Poland”), and the president of Panama. If we want to actually, maybe, kind of halt the utter and complete destruction of our planet, maybe, uh, we should work with all sorts of people.

Maybe there should be a right wing organization that actually gives a shit about these things. Thing is, there just isn’t.


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