Eggs over Texas

Let’s say you have a food blog, and you really like pastries. You have a lot to say about pastries – whether to use egg yolks, for example, or the whole egg. You really believe egg yolks are much better, the flavor that much more intense, than using the whole egg. And let’s not even talk about egg whites! You discover another pastry chef is a big partisan of the egg yolks as well, but also that this pastry chef, say, is a socialist. Which you kind of think is a word people throw around a lot without really understanding. But this chef, man, he can do a beignet like you wouldn’t believe, so, you know, if he worked with some socialists, whatever. And you say as much on your blog.


Then you get a lot of traffic to your blog because, it turns out, this egg white partisan, from Texas, links to your blog to talk about this horrible socialist and who cares how good the pastries. That is, the Texan takes a break from praising Sarah Palin (still!) and bashing San Francisco and gays and Nancy Pelosi and whatever.


Do you continue talking about egg yolks and who cares as long as the pastry is good and maybe even, you know, make an omelet just to keep the traffic levels up?


Also, Houston is the fattest city in the United States. That’s right – Texans are fat. So fat. So maybe egg whites isn’t the best analogy…






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