Full of Sound and Fury, Cont’d

Ben in Boston, commenting on the Gaza vs Israel match-up in San Francisco over the weekend, writes:

There were also both protests in Boston yesterday, one for Gaza in Copley and one against DoMA at City Hall. The poor cops were visibly freaked out, especially because the DoMA protest marched all through downtown, which, in a city like Boston, is a traffic nightmare.

To which I say: Boston, calm down, smoke a joint or something and just relax…didn’t you hear, even in Boston, it was national no-pants day…?


One Response to “Full of Sound and Fury, Cont’d”

  1. Ben Spear Says:

    I love how the key to San Franciscans’ easy-going lifestyle is to constantly be telling everyone else in the country to calm down and take it easy. For a population that prides itself on being chill, they do lot of finger waving.

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