Initial Thoughts on Blogging

The idea to begin Geranium Kisses happened one morning, a day with no obligations, in that space between awake and not – when all the best ideas happen. The idea was to challenge myself to write and think, every day, expecting a small audience, mostly of friends. The idea was to play with the ideas that pinball through my brain, the ideas in which my day-to-day friends aren’t all that interested. Or pretend to be not interested. Or pretend to be interested. Whatever. (More on that later.)


Quickly, very quickly, two discoveries were made. First, Spikes in traffic are exciting. And spikes in traffic often result from stating an opinion about topical subjects. Burris. Gaza. Current releases. The opinions of Texans. The second discovery: there are a lot of music blogs, and posting about music means being aggregated in music blogs, which means traffic, which is cool.


But something deeper is happening here and I’m not sure what it is. John G wrote last week, “What worries me about the blog is that it encourages position-taking and argumentation over uncertainty.” I’m starting to think the opposite. The blog encourages position-taking, without allowing the time to form a thoughtful opinion, or to find the words to express it well. The blogger is terrified of uncertainty. So instead, the blog offers a platform for outrage and sarcasm, two modes of expression I love, but which aren’t the most, uh, lovable. And this mode of expression is done well by Wonkette, and poorly just about everywhere else. (Consider this post today from MargoX on dailykos, where the writer, right only in that “tranche” is a great word, makes a sarcasm-filled point then closes her argument with a very 90s-esque “whatever.” This is bad writing and bad opinion making and, well, just bad for so many reasons…)


And so but yet, my usual voice is this same incredible sense of disbelief, expressed in the kind of sarcasm born of seeing the ideals that are somehow still cultivated despite being trammeled again and again but the petulant, petty, and powerful. So MargoX, stranger, keep at it – you are doing a better job than I am.


If a motivation for blogging is to rediscover a voice, a written voice, then the leapfrogging from tones and voices (serious thinking, eager viewer, sarcastic brat) will have to be fine.

I think I’ll stick with it, edit not at all, and see where it happens. As a child of the “where there’s a will, oh well, whatever, nevermind” generation, I’ll nevertheless try to never mock my own passion with dismissive “whatevers,” unless being sarcastic, or whatever.  




One Response to “Initial Thoughts on Blogging”

  1. John G Says:

    Stick with it, I enjoy reading your thoughts.

    However, you misunderstood my point and are agreeing with what I meant. See, now you are a “blogger” you just want to argue, even when you agree. Oh wait, you were that way long before blogging. Glad your traffic spikes haven’t changed you.

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