Crazy Prolific Ryan Adams Quits Smoking, Music

Via Rolling Stone, news that crazy prolific singer-songwriter Ryan Adams blogs that he quit his band, The Cardinals, and is taking a hiatus. Adams, author of the worst concert I’ve ever attended, as well as some of the best, is one of few musicians whose music I keep coming back to. Songs like Easy Plateau, English Girls Approximately, Trains, Let It Ride, Cold Roses, Oh My God, take me to that place that few musicians can access. Adams is a brat, a petulant child, a drama queen, and all sorts of other horrible, mean, nasty things – but he’s got a gift. I bet this is a bluff, a nic-fit diatribe, but if true, he will be missed. has loads of Adams concerts archived. Below, Let It Ride from a Dave Letterman show promoting Cold Roses.


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