MFR on Pitchfork & Indie Rock

MFR has an unusually insightful post – and free mp3s – of Pitchfork’s top album picks over the last 8 years. Summarizing the pitchfork list, the question becomes:

The four I question are the Microphones, The Rapture, Sufjan Stevens, the Knife; I do not believe that they didn’t deserve it (I own and love all of these records), but none of these four are currently seeing the amazing success that Radiohead, Interpol, Arcade Fire, Panda Bear (success seen also in Animal Collective) and Fleet Foxes are experiencing. Therefore, the question I ask is this: why are five of these nine bands seemingly winning?

The answer: good follow-ups, aggressive touring, energy-charged live music experiences, and continued/sustained PR. Arcade Fire and Interpol are great at self-promotion (Radiohead is its own entity) and each band cited has total charisma. Plus, perhaps, talent.


One Response to “MFR on Pitchfork & Indie Rock”

  1. John G Says:

    Seems to me that the wild card here is Sufjan Stevens. I’d argue that he is as successful as the others (minus RH). It seems to me that he just has a different motivation then the other succeses listed. Further, it seems ‘winning’ just fine if you consider independence and doing whatever the hell you want to be winning.

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