Thoughts on First Encountering The Phantom Band

Let us now pause and sing the praises of Using the RSS Feed, you specify an artist of interest then, when a fellow-fan uploads something about the artist like tour dates or MP3s, you see the update instantly. The beauty of this is the ease with which new artists get introduced. Case in point: if you get updated when anybody posts anything about Andrew Bird, you today, via TSURURADIO, would have found a mix featuring Andrew Bird and, because you like much heard on TSURURADIO, the whole mix is downloaded. Therein, a new artist: The Phantom Band.


In the sound of The Phantom Band, echoes of an early-mid 90’s high school experience that revolved around too much time spent in smoke-filled, black-walled Baltimore cafes where Nick Cave and Sisters of Mercy were referenced with a suspicious carelessness.  This café had a soundtrack, and The Phantom Band would have perfectly suited an opiated afternoon. With a sound and vocals not unlike The National’s Matt Berninger, The Phantom Band languidly sing of flesh torn from bone and, with an apparent lack of irony, one lyric commands, “Leave my spirit because lust and sin is all that I was.” Silly and juvenile to be sure but even if in your 30s – or older – you will listen with an adolescent giddiness and a feeling that words and music might still have power after all.  


Download The Phantom Band’s The Island


One Response to “Thoughts on First Encountering The Phantom Band”

  1. Soundslike Says:

    This Phantom Band doesn’t do anything for me, but you might also enjoy the first Phantom Band, lead by Can’s Jaki Liebezeit in the 1980s. They evolved a lot over their three albums, from something that sounds a lot like the Afrobeat/Dub-tinged later albums of Can (but better, IMO–more melodic) to a dark, post-punk noir with absurdist lyrical tendencies.

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