Dept. of Free Advertising: I Love You Phillip Morris

Those who know me know I will defend my belief that Bad Santa is one of the best movies ever made in the history of film to the end of time. So word of a new film written and directed by the Bad Santa writers was exciting. That it is a sort of Thelma & Louise type story with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, well, okay, still cautiously optimistic. Then this from today’s to raise the anticipation:

“I Love You Phillip Morris” tells the unbelievable but somewhat-true story of Texas con man Steve Russell (Carrey’s character), a onetime police officer whose long-running love affair with the eponymous Phillip (McGregor) led him to commit any number of outrageous criminal scams. Perhaps because Russell’s story defies all logic, the movie refuses to follow any normal narrative conventions, becoming a pell-mell, can-you-top-this odyssey beyond madcap farce into total derangement. It’s like a Coen brothers movie, if Joel and Ethan did a ton of crank and decided to flush story structure down the crapper.

So there.


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