Warren Protests Continue – Atlanta Edition

From the department of silver linings:

Did Obama actually do us a favor but getting known goat fucker and Hitler admirerRick Warren to bless the inauguration? Consider that for many people, before the whole prop 8/inauguration blessing hubbub, Warren was a guy who wrote books mid-western types were seen reading on airplanes.

Now we know the man. And we don’t like what we see.

This weekend in Atlanta, without irony, Warren addressed a Martin Luther King remembrance. He was met by several dozen protesters. Via the Washington Blade:

Several dozen gay rights activists braved chilly temperatures Monday morning to counter Rev. Rick Warren’s keynote address at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemorative Service at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church.  As churchgoers and political leaders filled the Ebenezer sanctuary, protesters led by the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition and GLBT ATL carried signs including “We still have a dream. Equality,” proclaiming Warren incompatible with the slain civil rights leader’s dream of fairness and justice for all people. Other progressive activists joined in the effort, with signs decrying war and bigotry, and supporting equal marriage rights. 

“On a cold morning, I think it is right to stand in protest of the King Center’s choice,” said Atlanta resident Duncan Teague. “Warren not only compares women having an abortion to Nazis, and pro-choice supporters to holocaust deniers, but he also opposed the right of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer folk to marriage, as well as [admittance] to his church,”  Craig Washington, a founding member of the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition, said at a press conference last week officially announcing the MLK Day protest.  “These views, these words, are acts of oppression,” Washington said. “They are incompatible with the dream of the beloved community Martin Luther King envisioned, and the spirit with which Coretta Scott King founded the King Center.”

(H/T Towelroad)


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