Bush Becomes Obama

In San Francisco, a merry band of pranksters turned Bush Street into Obama Street.

April comes early…



3 Responses to “Bush Becomes Obama”

  1. Lisa N Says:

    I miss San Francicso 😦

    Though everyone I talked to here said they were crying (in a good way) watching the inauguration.

    But I miss San Francisco.

  2. Ben Spear Says:

    I read on the Facebook that there is a petition to change the name of Bush Street to Obama Street. Isn’t that just like San Franciscans? Always bitching about how vast and progressive their agenda is, when in reality all they want to do is sit around, sign a petition and go play hackey sack in Dolores Park. It’s no wonder Prop 8 passed.

  3. gypsyrob Says:

    And San Francisco misses Lisa N

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