Bush Becomes Obama – Cont’d

Ben in Boston writes:

I read on the Facebook that there is a petition to change the name of Bush Street to Obama Street. Isn’t that just like San Franciscans? Always bitching about how vast and progressive their agenda is, when in reality all they want to do is sit around, sign a petition and go play hackey sack in Dolores Park. It’s no wonder Prop 8 passed.

While admitting the silliness of the facebook petition, I don’t see what that has to do with, well, with anything, but with Prop 8? One guy has a facebook petition and suddenly San Francisco is the reason Prop 8 passed? Because San Francisco is just so lazy when it comes to gay equality? Because gays spend too much time playing hackey sack? (I would love to see, just once in my life, a group of gay guys playing hackey sack. That is a sight that would bring true joy to my heart.)

Ben, Ben, get out of the cold….


One Response to “Bush Becomes Obama – Cont’d”

  1. Ben Spear Says:

    You leave my frostbit fingers and toes out of this! You hear!

    That comment was definitely a rant, but seriously. The last time I was in town and sitting in Dolores Park, someone came by with a petition to rename the sewage treatment plant after our last president. This is hilarious, this is great. But with all of the real initiatives that we as progressives can benefit from (gay rights being one among many), wouldn’t this person’s time be put to better use getting signatures for something that can actually effect real change?

    On an even more serious and broader note, it’s time to stop fucking around. This country is in a very real place with very real challenges. Progressives need to get clear with themselves about what we need to do, not what’s funny or ironic.

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