Too Much/Little Bush Era Protests?

In what one hopes is a(n almost) final post on Bush, it’s worth sharing an Idolator posting on the (lack of?) protest music over the last 8 years. Having witnessed protests in three cities that pulled many hundreds of thousands of very passionate and engaged people – in Bush Term One, post 9/11 & pre Iraq – it has always been frustrating to hear grousing about a lack of engagement and protest over the many evils of the last eight years.

In exploring the claims of a lack of protest in music, Idolator explores some rich terrain without a single Dixie Chicks reference:

the election of Barack Obama represents a rejection of “the ’60s,” or at least its dominance over our political and cultural dialogue. By picking Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primaries, Democratic voters seemed to indicate a desire to move away from arguments about culture war and identity politics. Music, on the other hand, still seems stuck in the boomer mire; even the supposedly transformative album of 2009* can be legitimately described as “psychedelic.” There seems a disconnect here.


Video for “My Girls” from Animal Collective, off the supposedly transformative album of 2009


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