Animal Collective – The Next/Already-Tired New Thing

Having just discovered Animal Collective (now on tour), I am therefore of the OMG-BEST-NEW-BAND-EVER school. Having been listening to, say, MGMT or Grizzly Bear forever now, I’m of the SIGH-THEY-ARE-TIRED-AND-OVER school. Its all perspective and timing. To some, w/r/t Collective, many of the OMGers have become, between typing and posting, the object already of SIGHs and ridicule. Such is bloggy life.

First reaction to Baltimore’s Animal Collective is real similar to when I first heard Radiohead’s “National Anthem,” track three on “Kid A,” their best album. First listen to “National Anthem” was like an aural experience of only the good part of blue-balls, of an ever escelating musical tension that never finds release. Much of the satisfication with Animal Collective is the same: building, building, building…then over. In a good way.

Stream the new album, Meriweather Post Pavilion, at NPR.

Download Jan 20th NYC show at

Live versions of National Anthem and Animal Collective’s Fireworks are below:

MP3: Radiohead – National Anthem – Berlin – July 4, 2009

MP3: Animal Collective – Firewords – New York – January 20, 2009


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