Foodie Wars – Cont’d

Adam jumps into the foodie-war fray. Sayeth Adam:

But Bourdain’s supposed wrestling between his libertarianism and his disgust for fast food exposes a certain naivete on his part about the shortcomings of the modern food system. Our fast food culture is not an outgrowth of a libertarian food policy, but instead is a result of an extremely prescriptive set of laws that props up a few giant industry players — and their outputs of unhealthy foodstuffs and environmentally destructive practices — with enormous government subsidies.

As a result, unhealthy food is cheaper than more nutritious alternatives

Adam is right to isolate on Bourdain’s use of the word “libertarian” and, using that word to frame his argument, he makes a right and astute point.

Personal take: Adam’s larger argument is spot on and Bourdain didn’t choose the best word to make his point, namely that Waters, as a person, is wading in over her head by irrationally – rather, unrealistically – proselytizing for the Berkeley lifestyle.

(The vision of Alice Waters offers much to admire and therefore, Ms. Waters, best of luck to you…)


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