Kegger at Barack’s Place Tonight

Via Wonkette, Obama’s having Congress over to his place for beers.

today he basically says, “look friends, busy day, I know, but if you get this done later today, then I’ll get everyone drunk at my house, the White House. Fuckin’ Biden over there’s been drinking all afternoon, so it should be hilarious.”

And yes, this is to a certain extent just some superficial ploy Obama’s always been a master at, in Chicago and at the Harvard Law review when he dared befriendsome of the conservatives without capitulating into a neocon oil-drilling racist. But friendship’s a good thing, damnit! The Republican party so often derives its strength by hiding from the Democratic party entirely and calling them French terrorist-lovers — or any other gay- and Muslim-sounding label — on the teevee, because to actually engage in ideas, openly, would be to lose.

Obama’s a good man, and a smart man, and it’s apparently impossible to deny these things after you’ve met him. It’s nice to have that sort of presencein Washington. Bush would never go out of his way to talk to the opposition party in person; he’d simply go on teevee and call the Democrats stupid loser faggots who’d better pass whatever unconstitutional thing he wanted on his desk at any given time, lest the blood of dead Americans be on their hands.

Don’t you love it when your Wonkette writer actually feels something passionately and sincerely and but yet must be sarcastic and bitchy and still somehow finds a way to convey both the sarcasm and sincerity, without resorting to bad writing?



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