Borgs? Or the Swarming Zombies in “The Cell”?

Jeff Lieber at Kos amusingly compares the house Republicans to the Borgs from Star Trek, next Generation:

The Borg are depicted as an amalgam of cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an inter-connected collective with a hive mind.

Because these (Borg-esque? Borg-ish?) Republicans voted against conventional thinking, a plurality of Americans, etc and instead chose “to participate in the THOUGHT HIVE of tax-cuts, tax-cuts, ‘Dear God no ass-fucking’ and tax cuts.”

Great analogy, Jeff.

My thoughts went instead to Stephen King’s recent novel The Cell (which, btw, King fans, come back into the fold for this one – its worth it). Here, a “pulse” goes out turning everybody to answer a cell phone call into crazed zombies. The King signature here is that, alone, the zombies are useless and, though violent, unthreatening. Sure, they’ll feast on your flesh without moral compulsion but they also walk into walls and generally don’t have their shit together. But in a group, they “swarm.” When together, like ants, these “cell-crazies” “flock,” they become dangerous because they can think, and, guess what, if you aren’t paying attention they are coming after you.

Sound familiar?

While we’re comparing republicans to the horrible nastiness of Stephen King fantasies, let’s also think about The Stand. Without that book in front of me, I have this memory of the book where all the bad people have ended up in Las Vegas under the dark leadership of the mysterious Flagg. They went to Vegas having having dreamt of this evil leader, they were lured by him. In Vegas, his minions weren’t necessarily like overtly evil, they wouldn’t all go out and rob, lie, cheat, steal and kill. Some in the face of it were very nice and sweet, in a church-going, blind-nice sort of nice way. And thinking about this, thinking about people who are kind of just a little bit sinister inside but don’t know it, are just kinda nice, kinda dumb, kinda churchy…it’s not fair, it’s a mean and nasty comparison, but, anyone? there’s some truth to it?


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