Dylan – Song Introductions

Anglophiles Anonymous takes a stab at creating a “top 10” list to introduce the uninitiated into the world of Bob Dylan. That every song on the list is from the 1960’s is proof enough that this list is screamingly incomplete but, nevertheless, it’s worth a glance if only to grab some free Dylan MP3s.

And let’s all agree that “Blood on the Tracks” is totally essential to any even minor Dylan enthusiast. I’d even argue that Tracks is the ideal entry point into Dylan-land.  And “Modern Times,” released in 2007 fercrissakes, has two of his strongest songs: “Ain’t Talkin'” and “Spirit on the Water”.

MP3s from the 1970s and 2000s below:

Dylan – Mp3 – Rare – Up To Me – Blood on the Tracks Outtake

Dylan – Mp3 – High Water (For Charlie Patton)


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