Talkin’ Opposition Party Blues

Because Rush Limbaugh is a ratings whore masquerading as a man with ideas, Limbaugh and his ilk will be referenced when their antics serve to illustrate a larger point.

Did you follow the drama this week where Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey has to apologize to Rush Limbaugh for telling him to “back off”? It’s interesting see because it shows how when the leadership of the opposition party tries to advocate for reality-based policies, they are forced back into what Jon Stewart called “crazy base land.”

Some in the opposition party have actual ideas, good ones, and these good ideas are actually conservative ideas. Take this from David Frum’s blog:

Now imagine if the GOP did not have such a knee-jerk opposition to spending and actually thought strategically.  The lede could have been “Republicans voted against the measure because it did not include enough large infrastructure projects and lacked imagination.”  Instead of fighting Dems on the dollar amount of spending, knowing that we would lose that fight in any event, we could have stood with Obama and called for large high-tech infrastructure projects that would employ large numbers of minorities in construction and white collar suburbanites in development.  These projects (high speed rail corridors as an example) would also capture the imagination of the green close-in suburbs that are turning viciously against the GOP and have the strategic benefit of jamming up the young Dem members (Webb/Warner/Hagan/McCaskill) who depended on these voters for their victories. today, covering the election of the new RNC chair, Mike Duncan, as declaring the goal of the Democratic party is not to save jobs and turn the economy around but, instead:

 The goal is to indoctrinate a generation of American children to the gentle comforts of the nanny state … The only thing standing between their agenda and success is the Republican Party.”

Meanwhile, to guarantee the the Senate Republican Leadership does not actually vote for the stimulus package that most everyone, economists and politicians Joe Public thinks is a good idea, we’ve got RedState advocating for sending Mitch McConnell some balls. Apparently a not insignificant number of people believe that McConnell’s staff removing dried scrota from an envelope is their best chance to execute the will of the hive-mind.

But these individuals who actual think are not elected politicians. The moment right before the opposition party ceases to be in opposition will be the moment when the party’s leadership has the luxury of advocating for what’s right for our country instead of what makes sense in the deranged and insular hive-mind of “the base.”



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