Working for a Nuclear Free City, Reaction to

If I’m proselytizing for a band, chances are they’ve been around for at least 3 years and you are tired of them. Plus also I’m reluctant to sing the praises of this artist or that because I struggle with articulating what goesinto making a song interesting, or not. Like I’ll confidently say that Mariah Carey isn’t worth listening to, even though she’s got great pipes, catchy melodies, and a massive fan base, but Indie Band X that you’ve never heard of, who can barely fill a small club with young guys wearing hoodies and tight jeans, even though, duh, Indie Band X is so much better than Mariah Carey. Obviously. But why? why?

So yeah, I’m really excited about this band out of Manchester called Working for a Nuclear Free City. Traces of Manchester electro beats mingle with all sorts of guitars plus nice vocals (and lyrics that go beyond, to paraphrase Dylan, “I love you/you love me/let’s move to Italy, who-wee, who-wee”)  combine, song after song, to make for a really refreshing bunch of tunes. Plus there isn’t like one or two songs that are great on a lackluster album, instead, song after song, you hear something interesting, something that makes you want to dig deeper, to know more.

No evidence of tour dates or much of a presence beyond South by Southwest 2008. But check them out and hopefully they’re coming to a city near me sometime soon.

Mp3 – Working for a Nuclear Free City – Nancy Adam Susan


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