Dark Was The Night – Reax

Dark Was the Night, the much anticipated indie music compilation, has just been released. On it – and when was the last time you could say this of a music compilation? – of the many good songs, there are three songs that are special and must be tracked down.


Jose Gonzalez with The Books discover Nick Drake and offer a beautiful imagining of his melancholic Cello Song. The morose and yet somehow rather happy soul of the song remains just as haunting while a more contemporary (fadish?) beat adds something right now and even pulls out something that already existed but hadn’t been noticed.


Gentle Hours is given to us by Yo La Tengo, and it is of the mellow variety. As such, it is beautiful and lingers soft and pleasant. Challenge: find a shitty Yo La Tengo song of the mellow variety.


I Was Young When I Left  Home is given to us, brand new, by Antony. It has been said that great art changes the way you see things. Put a couple pieces of fruit in front of Rembrandt and the still life that results, that light and shadow, changes everything. Similarly, to hear Antony cover Dylan is to see so much more. Antony’s voice knocks the words up with all sorts of understandings and implications that hadn’t been there previously. Haunting and deeply beautiful. Wow.


Mp3 – Antony – I Was Young When I Left Home – Dark Was the Night



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