More Notes on Faith – Sigh

To again paraphrase Ian McEwan, I believe that faith is, at best, morally neutral and, at worst, violent and destructive. Also, with the full force of my beliefs, I declare that all human beings are fully equal. The psychic revolution that birthed this Republic is the radical idea that this equality – this freedom and individual worth – is inherant, inante, and fundamental.

And so: we so often see leaders of faith-based movements making literally and inherently selfish declarations. America first. Faith first. And etc. But as with any movement, the rhetoric and the reality of adherents often vary. And so I note a posting, found at random, by Jay Guin. Writes Guin, in part:

The best example I can think of is the immigration debate. Most Christians I’ve discussed this with start with the premise that we should do what’s best for Americans — especially what’s best for me. In other words, most Christians think exactly like the world — selfishly. And people get mad when I suggest that the Mexicans are people, too, loved by God just as much as we are, and many are Christians, even evangelical Christians, even members of the Churches of Christ.

We must instead start with the fact that God loves the Mexicans just as much as the Americans. And he loves the American laborers whose wages are bid down by immigration (legal or illegal). We simply can’t discuss the subject as though the consequences to our brothers in Mexico are irrelevant.

Now, it’s a good exercise just to sit down and ask yourself: If a Mexican has the same value to God as an American, how would a truly Christ-like Congress write immigration law?

Good questions, good thinking, and amen.


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