Coming Out of the Rabbit Hole, Into Marijuana Sanity

Pity the California weatherman. This time of year, the forecast so often calls for rain and, when the moment comes, nothing but sun, sun, sun.

People like to think they know what is coming, its a comforting illusion. But you know what they say: if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Change – forecasting change – can be like the weather. You read the indicators, you stick a moistened finger to the air, and you place your bet. And often, many years of effort seem for naught when, suddenly and unexpectedly, all that effort produces results, out of nowhere, seemingly by chance. The butterfly flapped her wings, but you rarely notice.

In California, the biggest cash crop is pot, raking in $14 billion, untaxed, and often causing environmental havoc where grown. Those beautiful California grapes, the kind that go into making $100 Cabernet? Total gross is $2 billion. Now, thanks to Tom Amiano, this may soon all change, and the tax will bring in $1 billion to a cash starved state.

Add to the mix that Obama’s administration will stop fucking with state marijuana laws plus what’s going on in Massachusetts and Michigan and Rhode Island and Illinois and Minnesota and New Jersey. And I haven’t heard boo from the usual suspects.

Things that seem so big and scary, with time, become not. One suspects the hive mind of conservatism knows this, and so fights but, once things come to pass, usually rests (big exceptions like abortion notwithstanding.)

Isn’t it nice, though, in this time of amazing upheaval, to see us as a country begin to emerge from the rabbit hole with a touch more sanity?


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