Over on HuffPo, a wonderful little musing on how the twitterati are using their masonic wizedry to do…not much.

My new friend told me that Twitter is about the sharing of “peak experiences.” He said that among the Twitterati, there is an unspoken rule that you don’t tweet just about work or to promote yourself. As a result, his social life has been transformed. He goes to parties where everyone tweets, he is able to talk to people in a much more expansive way. He already knows about the luscious tomatoes they are growing, the new band they are crushed out on, the waves they heard crashing down outside their hotel room several nights before. Conversation goes to a much deeper level.

When you strip Facebook to the bloody core and stare deep at the goo inside, what do you see?

Also, last night, I watched this video where a guy fucked a watermellon. It still had the pricetag.

The internet is enriching my life.


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