What is it with Maryland Republicans

What is it about Maryland Republicans bucking the orthodoxy? Say what you will about the soon-to-be-fired Michael Steele, isn’t it something to watch him say marriage issues should be left to the states (rather than banned in the name of Jesus), that maybe he is kind of pro-choice, and that Rush Limbaugh is a tad problematic. Granted, he is usually quick to correct himself after the thought police approach with their pitchforks, but speaking from the gut, one gets the sense that his heart isn’t in the usual conservative demagoguery.

And now we have Former GOP Rep Wayne Gilchrest testifying in Maryland on behalf of marriage equality. Turns out his brother David was recently gay-married in Massachusetts. Guess when someone you know and love turns out to be a queer, even members of the GOP can step outside the usual bullshit binary and speak the truth.


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