Dylan – New Album “Together Through Life” – Plus Interview

More news on the new Dylan album can be found here. A sweet interview from BobDylan.com is here. Most interesting tid-bit to me:

There didn’t seem to be any general consensus among my listeners. Some people preferred my first period songs. Some, the second. Some, the Christian period. Some, the post Colombian. Some, the Pre-Raphaelite. Some people prefer my songs from the nineties. I see that my audience now doesn’t particular care what period the songs are from. They feel style and substance in a more visceral way and let it go at that. Images don’t hang anybody up. Like if there’s an astrologer with a criminal record in one of my songs it’s not going to make anybody wonder if the human race is doomed. Images are taken at face value and it kind of freed me up.

“Interesting” because Dylan is such a liar! “All I really want to do/is baby be friends with you.” Bullshit, Bob, you want to fuck her. Similarily, if there is an astrologer with a criminal record, bet your ass people are going to wonder all sorts of things, including if we are all doomed. Images are absolutely not taken at face value, especially with you, you know it, so cut the shit.


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