The Rise and Fall of a Polk Street Hustler

My friend Joey Plaster has a fabulous article in this week’s SF Bay Guardian. The article is funded by grants from the California Council for the Humanities and the GLBT Historical society (which is, like, wow, interesting things are still being funded).

The stories Joey reveals are like something written about by Rechy or filmed by Van Sant or euologized in song by Lou Reed or daydreamed about by “JT LeRoy.” These are the stories about a community that is lost to the condo highrises and left behind by a movement now obsessed with heteronormative exercises, however worthy, like gay marriage. Its fabulous and insightful writing of a time that is gone, for better or for worse but, as with every sort of societal change, something vibrant and maybe even good is lost. If what we now have is better, well, that’s hopefully something people will decide for themselves.

Read the article. Be edified.


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