It’s Bob Dylan Day at Geranium Kisses

Because we could share whatever uninformed thoughts we have on bailing out the banks (the system’s rigged! the jig’s up! abandon hope, ye who enter!), and because we could also share ruminations on a failing computer (pffft! Apple, like any religion, is hollow inside!), and because we could instead Tweet (@gypsyrob – off to the bathroom now!), well, because it’s Monday, and pfft!, it’s Bob Dylan Day. Where instead of thinking about Bob Dylan and all he means and implies and represents and stinks up, we instead will share links.

And so here. Boston University has another Bob Dylan expert in the house. This one, Kevin Barents, like the eminent Christopher Ricks, sees Dylan as a link between the early 20th century masters like Elliot and Pound, and the later whatever that we have upon us today. (One wonders what Ricks has to say?) That is to say, perhaps, a link between greatness and pfft. Dylan tilting towards the other side of, methinks, in a number of ways.

More here.

Go Terriers!


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