Need Some Crab Chips? Some Guns? Come to Baltimore…

No trip to Baltimore is complete without a visit to Lexington Market and a bag of Utz chips. Preferably Crab Chips. Lexington Market is an especially fun place to bring white guests, because most people there are black, this being Baltimore, and its fun to watch your white liberal friends try to seem relaxed when they aren’t. Anyway, Baltimore also has lots of guns. Which are often used to kill other Baltimorians. Sad. And anyhow, now news that all these Baltimore signatures are coming together in one stand, at Lexington Market.

Here’s why I love Baltimore. The 53-year-old owner of the Utz stall at the market, and his 21-year-old girlfriend, apparnetly had a side bi’ness selling guns to various Baltimore gangs. The gun-selling guy has worked at the stand since his Dad bought it in 1970. Warms my heart.

(H/T: Mobtown Shank)



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