Right Now, in America

My favorite verse in the bible comes from the Gospel of Mark, in which Jesus says, “Yea, and ye must hate with all your might those who are different from you, those you don’t understand, those who God made different than you.”

When the Iowa court ruled unanimously in favor of gay marriage, one friend quipped: this is really going to piss off people who believe the earth is 10,000 years old. He’s right. These knuckle-draggers are pissed.

Today in Iowa, in the name of Jesus, a group of hate-filled assholes gathered to demand the Iowa house stop gay marriage. My favorite bit states:

Security was stepped up considerably at the Statehouse this morning. Troopers are standing guard outside the chamber doors, in the balconies and around the Iowa Capitol.

Yes, better get out the big guns when you say, as asshole Danny Carroll, some Republican fuck, said, “‘You can let them know today that this issue is different. This is not about taxes or spending and regulations. This is about morality and the word of God.”

Yup, in the good ole’ US, you better craft laws based on your myopic view of what God wants. Listen: anybody who claims to understand the mind of God does not. In fact, anybody who makes this claim is dangerous.


(H/T Towelroad)


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