From the Annals of Depravity

Are you enjoying the sunshine? The late blooming of Spring, a time to celebrate a re-birth, a second chance, redemption? Good.

Here’s a lovely story, then. The Iraqi militia is killing gay men in a new and interesting way. They use a kind of super glue to sew shut the assholes of gay men, then they give a super laxative, but the shit can’t get, so the unfortunate victims die a horrible, disgusting death. And the videos have gone viral!

Let’s all agree that one culture doesn’t have exclusive rights to the most wretched kinds of depravity, to a gleeful delight in sadism. Then let’s consider what lessons about people – our race! – we can reach when learning of this highly creative, and symbolic, new form of torture.

Feeling better now?


2 Responses to “From the Annals of Depravity”

  1. johnG Says:

    Ah, the Wu Tang Clan already covered this kind of torture – except instead of laxative, it was “i’ll keep feeding you and feeding you”. That is more torturous, no?

    Gotta love the human mind.

  2. the art of war Says:

    the art of war…

    …He wrote that . . ….

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