Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

Much has been said of the contemplative life. Metaphors made of the calm in a hurricane, entire schools of thoughts built around a quiet pond. If anybody hears word of how that’s working out, do let me know.

It sure has been quiet here at Geranium Kisses. Not that I’ve thought much about it, but it seems that a blog can have at least two purposes. It can provide a forum for a free exchange of ideas wherein, together,  weforge a conversation resulting in growth and enhances personal understanding. During the process, you, the blogger, may vent and explore ideas that in the day-to-day socializing may not be of all that much interest to your friends. So you blow of steam, amuse those friends who read it and those strangers who find it. Good times all around. Then the second is you can get hooked on building traffic, perhaps with the ultimate goal of selling ad space. Ideally, you accomplish both goals with one blog.

The formula for building traffic seems fairly simply. Do a couple links to TechCrunch where you take a position on whatever technical whetever is hot at the moment. Link to a couple songs from artists who have released some recent music. Take a position on some political item. And say something to piss off Christians and/or Mormons (example: did you hear those Mormons baptized Barack’s Mom after she died? Let’s continue to reject their desire to be called Christians, and let’s also say, together, wow, that’s some fucking arrogance). But see, in the process of traffic building, that whole free exchange of ideas thing doesn’t work out so good. And when you try to do some original thinking, take a position or explore some kind of thought or idea, nobody reads it. Think of your own blog reading: when was the last time you actually read each word written. So in other words, the feeling becomes like a schizophrenic who conjures smoke out of a kernel – the illusion of sharing ideas, exploring, finding shared conclusions is just that, an illusion. Not that it matters all that much.

And so, with work (we got some finding to build this cool new thing! in a recession!), and travel (Miami!), friends (great to see you, Michal and Penny!), poor old Geranium Kisses was neglected.

Ideas: Swine Flu as exercise in Delillo-esque meta marketing, the product being fear.

Politics: Barack. There are some vague things that bother me but laziness prevails in all efforts to sort through the statements of guys forced to take a position on things.

Music: New Bob Dylan album! Its like a honkey tonk in Texas where he plays behind a steel cage to an entertained but not totally focused audience. “I got the blood of the lamb in my voice.” Indeed.

Movies: Excited for Tarentino’s next. Wild Things. Bruno. Bruno. Bruno.

Books: Lowboy is so fucking amazingly good. Buy and read it immediately. You will be edified. Wow. Also enjoying All the Sad Young Literary Men, although its a tad too Harvard-centric, but its a nice little peepshow into the neuroses of those who have brains and talent and still spend too much time taking hits off the weight of it all.

Friends: Yay! Friends! Good times had, good times coming. There is the usual sadness, insecurity, sense of goals not just unmet but undefined. But that’s all kind of ambient, and offers its own pleasures.

Kids, keep you RSS feeds on – your Geranium Kisses will continue, though no promises w/r/t frequency.


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