Do you think comments on the websites of, for example, newspapers are indicative of a representational cross-sample of readers of that newspaper? Or are the comment boards merely a gathering space for the more deranged and grammatically-challenged denizens of the web? For example, this Holocaust shooter, von Brunn, his personality has grabbed my attention. So I found this artcle profiling the guy’s ex-wife. Then, unavoidable, the comments section. The top comment (3:51pm) is this:

Youle are sooo retarded!!! and soo is CNN! do you actually the majority of the holocaust happened, 6 million did not die not even close! thare is no evidence but some i witness accounts, and we actually know some holocaust survivors lied for a reason i can not understand. the diery of Ann Frank is suck a lie you people make me hit the the floor every time, THE BOOK WAS WROTE IN BALL POINT PEN, this means its a fake because they didint have ball point pen back then. thare is no blue gas on the walls of the alleged gas chambers but thare is gas on the walls of the delousing chambers ware they killed the lice so the jews could be free from lice, why would hitler spend millions of his money gassing people and building camps when he could put a bullet in their head??? why do we have pictures of jews swimming in the concentration camp??? why do the nazi’s let the jews play soccer and play music, dance and make plays?? why is israel useing illegal bombs against palistinions and getting away w

So you know how racists are often, you know, idiotic? And portrayed as such? So if you are filled with vile conspiracies against everybody who isn’t white, and you are going to pen these racists screeds on whatever newspaper comment section you find, why not do a little spell check first?

Also: interesting to note this particular racist worries about the Israeli use of “illegal bombs” and in this little tangent we then witness how it can seem that everybody really is out to get you, because they hate you.

Which is all to say: let’s be honest, sometimes it can seem like pretty-much any persecuted group feels like there are enemies everywhere. And if you are a gay opening The Advocate, you know what I mean. GOP and listening to Rush, ditto. (And everybody can be demographically sliced in some way that makes them minority, FYI.) And it can feel, even to members of said persecuted group, that some in the group are a tiny bit paranoid. Then – WHAM – all paranoid fantasies become totally justified. Which just really kind of bites, doesn’t it?

Just sayin’


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