Google Ambitiously Waves

When conducting the day’s web compositions, Microsoft products are like a crowbar to the maestro’s arm. IE, to cite the most glaring example, simply stops. Sorry, says IE, but we’re going to take a minute and relax. You didn’t really need to access that page anyway.

Of course, if you want to complain about how the web works, really, you can pick anything. Microsoft breaks, is buggy, and the company doesn’t care because they rule the world. Apple is shiny and cool, but just as corporate, which is annoying because they so pretend not to be, and plus the build walls around everything, which really goes against this whole internet thing. Google does neat things, but they steal all our information, which could fall into the wrong hands and comic book style villainy could ensue. Ditto Facebook. (Aside: try to find a complain about Firefox. The best I can do is to say that I love AdBlocker but worry this could unethically deprive ad-dependent sites of their lifeblood.)

Which brings us to Google Wave. As TechCrunch reports, this is a product that could revolutionize things (it will merge IM and email, it will attack the other social networks by allowing you to instantly click into a person’s profile to follow their threads wherever they might go, it visualizes streams of conversation and ideas, it lets you get all wiki about everything, and it will include functionality added to HTML 5 standards). This last – this HTML 5 standards – is where things get interesting. See the whole internet thing is shifting: new languages, new ways of disseminating content, new ways of finding what you want. And everything open: no walls. And this is how Microsoft could fall. Information is the barbarians at the gate, Microsoft the Emperor entertaining the senate while all around everything crumbles. Google: keep being interesting and please don’t give all my information to the next dark regime.


One Response to “Google Ambitiously Waves”

  1. Ben Says:

    Yeah, all it takes is another Bush administration, and another terrorist attack, and then all of Google’s information will be subpoenaed by the government. They’ll say that it’s a matter of international security. Then us gays will get a knock on our door from the fascist military, and then… well, if you’ve seen V For Vendetta, you know the rest.

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